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Sandra & David are both local residents of Grange-over-Sands in South Cumbria.

What started out as a gift has turned into a passion.  In 2016, my husband, David, bought me a days taster session in a glass studio and from that day I was hooked.  

I’ve always loved glass, the way it sparkles, the multiple colours that change with the light but making it is truly amazing.  There’s something mesmerising about the way colours change in the heat.  How easy it is to manipulate at 1000 degrees Celsius then, just as quickly it’s as hard as glass (excuse the pun) at 600 degrees Celsius and you have to reheat it, or get quicker with your designs!

When I started, I was still working full time so getting to the workshop was restricted to an odd weekend or day off in the week.  Three years later I’ve taken a ‘gap year’ and now regularly get to spend 3 days at a time at E&M Glass Studio in Sarn, near Wrexham, experimenting with colours and learning new techniques.  I know where any slight imperfections are in each piece but this is what makes them unique.  For example; chill marks from the metal tools we use can add an interesting twist to a piece, turning an ordinary vase into a prism of light effects. For me, perfection is the imperfection!

The Glass community is just that, a community.  They help each other to make a piece, it may be attributed to the designer / lead in the making but most larger pieces require two or three people to help create them.  “Taking the heat” and weight when a piece needs reheating is exhausting; the glory hole runs at 1100-1200 degrees Celsius and the weight of glass on the end of an iron is equivalent to 5 times its actual weight.  All the roles merge and a natural flow between the team takes over.  This is what makes it great fun, although very hard work and heartbreaking when something shatters during the process.  All this considered, I can’t think of a more exiting hobby than being in a “hot shop”.

Could I make this my new profession?  Unlikely, as it takes 40 years to become a Maestro.  For all the pieces I exhibit, I have been the Gaffer or leader.  I’ve created the designs and chosen what form the piece will take however, “finishing” the pieces is down to my husband.  Luckily he enjoys working in the “cold shop” and he is responsible for making sure pieces are sturdy and ready to go.  With his skills of sandblasting, grinding and polishing, he can turn a regular piece into a stunning piece of art.

On Prom Art we show off our smaller sized pieces, to suit both day trippers and local residents.  If there is something specific you would like to see off this website please contact us before the event and we will try to accommodate any requests.


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